Car data marketplace, Concar, partners with affordable ride registration company, SlimmGPS, to bring automatic parking and payment services to fleets

3 min readNov 15, 2022


Antwerp-based connected car scale-up and leading Dutch ride registration group join forces to enable automatic parking via single API integration

Antwerp, Belgium, 15/11/2022: Concar, the Belgium-based connected car data marketplace with a focus on aftersales telematics, has partnered with affordable ride registration company, SlimmGPS, combining the talents and extensive experience of their two teams in offering automatic, hassle-free parking to SlimmGPS fleet management customers via a single API integration.

The partnership with Concar and the adoption of its automatic parking solution is a natural collaboration opportunity for SlimmGPS whose current services seek to address pressing mobility pain points in fleet management with cutting edge solutions and services. These solutions include trip registration, mileage administration, time management, and live tracking of fleets via its smartbox installation and streamlined app.

The addition of Concar’s automatic parking solution to its portfolio of products will provide SlimmGPS the opportunity to offer its fleet management customers seamless parking and payment for their vehicles and drivers. Thanks to the integration of a single connected car data API, parking costs for SlimmGPS customers will be brought down significantly, parking fines abolished, bureaucracy reduced, and employee focus boosted.

“We are already helping our customers realize savings on fleet costs in various ways. Thanks to this latest collaboration with Concar, we can offer even more options now. Many of our customers park in zones where they have to pay. With Concar’s automatic parking solution, they now only pay for the time that they actually park and parking fines have become a thing of the past.” — Ewout van der Kraan, SlimmGPS

Olivier de Clercq, co-founder of Concar, knows that companies which manage fleets of vehicles often significantly underestimate how much they are paying per month in parking costs. This is where Concar’s integration of a single API for tracking, managing, and paying for parking comes in; using live tracking of the vehicle’s GPS location, the software calculates and automatically pays parking fees for the actual time a vehicle is parked, and nothing more.

Olivier added:

“Companies with a fleet often underestimate how much they pay monthly in parking costs. In 2022, more than €500k will be saved by parking providers that offer Concar’s unique automatic parking solution. I’m very happy that SlimmGPS customers can now experience such large monthly savings.”

When employees and drivers no longer have to perform actions related to manual parking such as paying for parking and recording the time they are parked, they can instead focus their efforts on the job at hand. Parking administration is also handled more swiftly, as each company receives one invoice, not separate invoices from each parking session. This simplifies bureaucracy and frees up employee time.

About Concar:

Concar is a marketplace for financial services, enabling access to connected car data via the integration of a single API. With a focus on aftersales telematics technology which effortlessly facilitates B2B financial services such as automatic parking and PAYD insurance offerings, the Belgium scale-up is leading the way in solving some of the biggest challenges in the car data industry.

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About SlimmGPS:

SlimmGPS is Netherlands-based affordable ride registration company seeking to streamline processes for fleet management companies through the installation of cutting edge smart boxes in fleet vehicles. These smart boxes partner with an app to enable trip registration, mileage administration, time management, and the live tracking of fleets.

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