Concar announces licensing agreement with Flowbird Group — enabling automatic business parking solution

2 min readDec 17, 2021


At Concar, we’re excited to announce today our licensing agreement with Flowbird, world market leader in the field of urban mobility and smart city solutions.

In partnership with Concar’s car data marketplace, Flowbird is launching Yellowbrick Connected, a new parking solution which automatically starts and stops parking sessions, to solve one of the biggest pain points in mobile parking for businesses and fleets.

How will it work?

Yellowbrick Connected works with a vehicle’s built-in track and trace system to automatically start and stop a parking session. Thanks to the connected car data, the solution automatically starts a parking session when the vehicle parks, and ends the session automatically once the car leaves the parking spot.

Why should businesses use Yellowbrick Connected?

The beauty of this seamless solution is that employees and drivers no longer have to remember to start or end a parking session manually. Instead, the app is triggered to start the parking session once it detects a car is parked in a parking zone. Once the car leaves the parking spot, the app will automatically end the session.

This automation provides huge advantages to businesses and their employees alike: businesses no longer have to pay excessive parking costs for sessions that were not ended by their employees, and employees no longer have to worry about forgetting to start a parking session while on the job, or the resulting parking fine.

With 52% of mobile parking app users regularly forgetting to stop their parking sessions, and 48% of users forgetting to start their sessions on time*, Yellowbrick’s solution could not have come at a better moment: with constantly increasing parking fees, businesses can finally look forward to accurate, and considerably lower, parking costs, and their employees can concentrate on the job in the hand–driving the vehicle.

What are the advantages for fleets?

Small businesses aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of an automated parking solution. Our own research shows that larger fleets can also save up to 20% on their parking costs with an automated start-and-stop parking solution. In addition, efficiency from an administration side is boosted as employees from businesses utilising Yellowbrick Connected will need to spend considerably less time tracking, verifying and paying for multiple parking sessions from different vehicles. With an online dashboard, and streamlined invoicing for parking sessions, fleet administration is further simplified.

Want to find out more?

*Source: Research by Validators, commissioned by Yellowbrick, which showed how businesses are spending unnecessarily large amounts of money on parking.




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