Concar Announces Partnership With Trip Registration Provider EuropeTrack

2 min readOct 6, 2022


Connected car scale-up and trip registration system provider join forces to enable automatic parking via single API integration

Antwerp, Belgium, 03/10/2022: Concar, the connected car data marketplace with a focus on aftersales telematics, today announces its partnership with leading trip registration system provider EuropeTrack, bringing together the experience, knowledge, and expertise of two key players in connected car data, fleet management, and smart journey registration to address pressing driver needs and mobility pain points with cutting edge solutions and services.

EuropeTrack boosts fleet productivity through smart journey registration and fleet monitoring in real time. In addition, the Netherlands-based smart trip registration provider issues users with a wide range of reports which can be accessed with a few clicks of the mouse, providing insights into the future direction of the fleet. Another major advantage of EuropeTrack’s solution is that it enables companies to save money on fuel costs by providing detailed insights into driver preference and driving behavior.

The announcement of the collaboration between Concar and EuropeTrack signals a natural next step for both the smart trip registration provider and the connected car data marketplace.

The partnership will enable the facilitation of Concar’s unique and patented automatic parking solution in EuropeTrack’s software, in doing so providing EuropeTrack customers with seamless parking and payment for their vehicles and drivers. Thanks to the integration of a single connected car data API, parking costs for EuropeTrack’s customers will be significantly reduced, parking fines eliminated, bureaucracy reduced, and employee focus significantly increased.

‘Thanks to the collaboration with Concar, we not only relieve the drivers of significant administration, but also with registering and deregistering for paid parking. This allows our customers to further increase productivity and reduce parking costs,” says Thijs van der Lugt, Sales Director of EuropeTrack.

About Concar:

Concar is a marketplace for financial services, enabling access to connected car data via the integration of a single API. With a focus on aftersales telematics technology which effortlessly facilitates B2B financial services such as automatic parking and PAYD insurance offerings, the Belgium scale-up is leading the way in solving some of the biggest challenges in the car data industry.

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