Concar partners with journey and vehicle tracking system providers, RouteVision, to provide hassle-free, automatic parking and payment services to fleets

3 min readApr 19, 2023


Belgium-based connected car scale-up and Dutch journey registration group and vehicle tracking system provider enter partnership to enable automatic start-stop parking via single API integration

Antwerp, Belgium, 19/04/2023: RouteVision, a leading Dutch journey and vehicle tracking system provider, announces today its partnership with Concar, the Belgium-based connected car data marketplace with a focus on aftersales. The partnership will enable RouteVision to bring hassle-free, automatic parking and payment services to its fleet management customers, thanks to Concar’s unique car data API integration solution.

“All our products and services make business mobility easier and more efficient. Fully automatic payment for parking fits in perfectly with this, because it saves our customers both time and money.”–Sara Verbeek, director at RouteVision.

With over two decades in the industry, RouteVision launched with the aim of developing efficient mileage and journey registration for the fleets of SMEs, self-employed individuals, and large organizations. Its mileage offering provides fleet managers with detailed insights into the status of their vehicles, while its journey registration offering facilitates the calculation of more economical routes for frequent journeys. By entering this partnership, RouteVision will be able to offer further efficiency and financial savings to its fleet management customers thanks to Concar’s unique automatic parking and payment solution which is enabled by a single API integration.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with RouteVision and enabling their customers to benefit from significant cost savings”–Olivier de Clercq, CEO of Concar

Such efficiency savings come at a time when a large proportion of fleet management companies significantly underestimate how much they are paying per month in parking costs. With this new partnership, RouteVision will also be able to offer its fleet management customers significant savings on their monthly parking costs. This is due to the service providing live tracking of each vehicle’s GPS location, and an accurate calculation and automatic payment of parking fees for the specific amount of time a vehicle is parked for.

About Concar:

Concar is a marketplace for financial services, enabling access to connected car data via the integration of a single API. With a focus on aftersales telematics technology which effortlessly facilitates B2B financial services such as automatic parking and UBI offerings, the Belgium scale-up is leading the way in solving some of the biggest challenges in the car data industry.

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About RouteVision:

RouteVision is a Dutch company that started in 2002, with the ambition of developing highly effective mileage and journey registration. Today, there are thousands of companies worldwide using RouteVision, with many of them having done so for over a decade. RouteVision serves a range of customers, from self-employed individuals to companies with large fleets of vehicles.

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