Concar subsidiary, Parkd, launches partnership with Belgium’s paid mobile parking leaders, 4411; rolls out automatic parking and payment across Belgium

3 min readOct 11, 2023


Business parking costs reduced by 30% thanks to Parkd’s automatic start-stop parking solution

Antwerp, Belgium, 11/10/2023: Concar announces today that its subsidiary, Parkd, will now be available across Belgium thanks to its partnership with 4411, the market leader in paid mobile parking. After the completion of a successful pilot phase in key Belgium cities such as Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels, Parkd and 4411 are set to roll out Parkd’s automatic parking solution nationwide to B2B customers, enabling businesses to reduce their parking costs by thirty percent.

“The current methods of paid on-street parking incur significant costs, costs which many companies are unaware of. Parkd is the solution to avoiding these hidden costs. Customers no longer have to use parking meters, or even their smartphones; instead Parkd facilitates fully automated parking based on vehicle data. We’re excited that, thanks to this partnership with 4411, we can now offer this solution to Belgian customers.” –Nelson Dheedene, co-founder of Concar and its subsidiary, Parkd.

Parkd is an innovative solution that uses connected car data to register each parking session when a driver enters and leaves a paid zone. This automatic parking registration brings about a host of benefits for companies and drivers that, thanks to the partnership with 4411, will now be available to businesses across Belgium. Benefits include a huge reduction in parking costs, no more parking fines, proactive customer support, guaranteed parking compliance, and a significant reduction in paperwork. Drivers will also no longer need to waste time looking for a parking meter or downloading different parking apps as Parkd’s user-friendly solution automates the whole process from start to end.

“The collaboration between Parkd and 4411 creates a powerful synergy. As a pioneer and frontrunner in the field of mobile parking, 4411 is currently active in more than 200 cities and boasts a community of 4.5 million users. Having closely followed Parkd’s success on the Dutch B2B market, we see this partnership as the perfect opportunity to make this innovative solution available on the Belgian market.” –Fiorina Delia, Offering Manager at 4411

About Concar:

Concar is a B2B connected car provider, enabling access to connected car data via the integration of a single API. With a focus on aftersales telematics technology which effortlessly facilitates B2B financial services such as automatic parking and PAYD insurance offerings, the Belgium scale-up is leading the way in solving some of the biggest challenges in the car data industry.

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About Parkd:

Launched on the Dutch market in 2018 by Olivier de Clercq and Nelson Dheedene, Parkd is an innovative parking solution that aims to simplify the European parking market. Through the use of connected car data, Parkd automatically starts and stops parking sessions, enabling drivers to save both time and money. Integrated with more than 17 track-and-trace partners and handling more than 100,000 automated parking sessions per month, Parkd is the fastest growing B2B parking solution in Europe.

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About 4411:

A subsidiary of smart mobility company Be-Mobile, 4411 focuses on efficient mobility payments. Active in more than 200 cities and boasting 4.5 million users, 4411 is the largest provider of mobile parking in Belgium, with services offered via SMS and its mobile app. Although 4411 has its origins in street parking payment, garage parking via license plate recognition is another innovative service offered by the company. Paying for public transport (De Lijn & NMBS) is also possible with 4411.

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